Rare Vandercook SP15 (Chicagoland area)!

Gorgeous Vandercook SP15 for sale in Chicago! This rare beauty is in excellent condition, with updated rollers and well cared for mechanisms.

This phenomenal workhorse SP15 (nicknamed Lucille, after B.B. King’s guitar) has been well maintained and was used daily for the past four years as part of a print studio in Evanston IL. Prior to that life, Lucille brought joy and wonderful print jobs to the defunct Vespine Gallery and Studios in the Chicago Arts District.

$10,000 includes Lucille the lovely letterpress machine, curbside delivery within 100 miles of Chicago, and assorted accouterments, such as various furniture, quoins, keys, and a mish-mash of type and other fun things.

Please email for more pictures and information.

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image: LucilletheSP15


image: Pressbed


image: mechanism