Linotype available in Georgia

Linotype available in Georgia

price would be free or scrap price

one excellent machine one parts machine


also some ATF Little Giants may be available

Please call Rick 706 540-3285 noon to midnite eastern time

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do you have photos?

I am interested in all you have….some pictures would really help. Are the Little Giants for sale? Thank you, Steve

Anything happen yet with the Linotypes or the Little Giants. I’m interested but haven’t gotten any response?

I am also involved with this salvage project in GA. The Linotype that is left is a parts machine. Probably a Blue Line model. The ATF ended up being an offset press. There is also a Miehle.

I am having trouble posting the photo of the linotype. Please email me so I can send you a photo.

image: Miehle.jpg


image: ATF.jpg


Pic looks like a miehle V45 and a
ATF (Webendorfer) Little Chief 20 offset
Both nice presses
Hope they will be saved.
Please keep us informed

I never got a response from you…anything still available