Letterpress inks in small quantities (2 oz tins)

Hi all,

I am cleaning out my ink supply and have a few that I can spare a bit of.

Here’s what I have:
Rubber Based:
Van Son Transparent White

Oil Based:
Flourescent Blue (Pantone 801)
Flourescent Green (Pantone 802)

Oil Based NA Graphics Inks (no longer available online as far as I know - I don’t have swatches to go with these, but they are fairly true to what their names sound like):
Sunburst Red No. 2656A
Block Print Orange No. 21835A
Block Print Black No. 2202A
Bismark Brown No. 2403A
Milori Blue No. 2187A
Block Print Green No. 2577A
Lemon Yellow No. 234)A
Tint Base Extender No. 1911A

$10 per 2 oz tin plus shipping.

The easiest way to get these quickly is through my Etsy listing:

Thank you!

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