Antique Newspaper Flongs or Mats

Offered for sale is are three unusual and rare items known as a “newspaper flong” or a “newspaper mat”.
When framed, these antique items are truly beautiful, stand as a remarkable example of industrial art, and are testimony to the technology used in newspaper industry in the early decades of the last century.

These “Flongs” were made by the Regina Daily Star newspaper in 1937.
They are made of papier-mâché and were used as moulds into which hot typesetting metal was poured. The resulting metal image was used in printing presses to print newspapers. If you examine the photos, you can clearly read each of the newspaper articles on the page.

Several years ago, I sold a the majority of these flongs to a collector. I found these last three in my shop and expect them to sell quickly.
For more photos and explanatory text, please visit:

PRICE: $120 each sheet.

Considering they were made 78 years ago, these flongs are in remarkably good condition. They are slightly warped, but this is not unusual since they are very hard papier-mâché and can be straightened by careful pressing.

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