Everything for sale!

I did a pretty good job of everything except for the type. I hope to pull out each drawer and take a pic of whats there tomorrow. I did notice a lot of copperplate, park avenue and news gothic in several weights/sizes.

I decided to post pictures on Picasa because there are over 200 and hopefully a couple hundred more tomorrow for the type crowd.


Here is a link to all the type and cabinets. Lots of great items hidden in the mess!


Wow! Talk about overwhelmed! I had no idea there would be so much interest from so many people. I can’t keep up with the questions. So, please hold tight until I can get a more detailed listing up. My plan is to get it done sometime this weekend. it will include a basic inventory of things and pictures…yes, wonderful pictures. I will message everyone I have already been in contact with when it’s up. Thanks for your patience and understanding!!

I had a family member pass away a year ago and took it upon myself to try and save the relics from his letterpress business. Unfortunately life is getting in the way. I’ve moved these items from Chicago to Bloomington and back to South Elgin (far west Chicago blurb) because of job changes, had one child and another in the pipeline. Needless to say I do not have the time to give these prices of history a proper home. And as a graphic designer by trade it kills me to admit it.

I have included an image of what I have. Floor standing presses. Several table top presses. Tons of lead type. Composition trays and cabinets. Motors. Small foil machines. And all the bits and bobs to make them work. Presses are in fair condition as I don’t have the exact knowledge to match up the rollers and trucks to each machine.

I am not sure of the best way to list these but am willing to work with any potential buyer for photos and the information I have. I have a pretty good idea of what these items are worth but am accepting reasonable offers and bulk purchases will receive a significant discount.

Please help me recoup my expenses and give these amazing machines the home they deserve.


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