Pocket Folder Steel Rule Dies

We have some very high quality pocket folder steel rule dies for sale. They are in excellent condition and were part of a lot we purchased but are not needed by us. It would be nice to have them used instead of scrapped.


DIE A: $25 +shipping
21.25” x 11” (FLAT) //
8.5” x 5.5” (FOLDED)

DIE B: $25 +shipping
21” x 16” (FLAT) //
10.5” x 8.125” (FOLDED)

DIE C: $25 +shipping
18.5” x 17.625” (FLAT) //
7.75” x 10.25” (FOLDED) w/ .125” gusset


We also have several dies for envelope liners – A2 + A8 point flap, Cranes 7x7 Marquis Sq Flap, 6.5x6.5 point flap and small/medium/large Etrusca style.

If interested please inquire and I can send you photos.

Pickup or shipping can be arranged.

Joe Borges
[email protected]

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image: DIECUT.jpg


image: FOLDER_DIECUT-A.jpg


image: FOLDER_DIECUT-B.jpg


image: FOLDER_DIECUT-C.jpg