Miehle V50x

We have a Miehle Vertical, v50x, that we need to get rid of. Machine is in Northern California, currently under power and used very often. We’re only getting rid of it because we finally have the opportunity to upgrade to a 21”x28” Heidelberg Cylinder. We’re a mid sized commercial printer, and the die cutter is the latest piece of equipment we needed to upgrade.

Have to get it out of here quick to make room for the new equipment. Would prefer that it goes to a home where somebody wants to keep using it, as opposed to taking it somewhere to be scrapped.

Make an offer.

If anyone wants a small 2 color offset press, we have one of those that’s gotta go as well. I know that’s not in the wheelhouse for most of the folks here, but thought I would mention it. Same deal on this one. Make me an offer.

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