Antique – Late 1890’s Chandler & Price Printing Press

This Printing Press is at it’s original historic location in the heart of Boston, in a building that used to be a Printing place, so you are not only buying a Press, but rather a piece of rich Boston history. For your convenience and easier move-out process it’s been taken apart, however all parts are present, according to the tech, who used to operate similar presses years ago. All parts that belong to the press (including the motor to operate the press) will be given to you (including the letters). Still note, that it’s sold as is and you’re welcome to stop by and check it before buying.

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image: IMAG0331.jpg


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image: Printing press 2.jpg

Printing press 2.jpg

image: Printing press 3.jpg

Printing press 3.jpg

image: Printing press 4.jpg

Printing press 4.jpg

image: Printing press 5.jpg

Printing press 5.jpg

image: Printing press 8.jpg

Printing press 8.jpg

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Printing press 9.jpg