Paper Cutter & Galley Rack

The paper cutter is a 14” John Jacques & Son paper or label cutter. According to the original ad copy, it cuts 14” square x 2.25” thick. Sadly, the original pinstriping has been mostly painted over. The blade was recently sharpened. ($140 / obo)

If you’d like the cart the cutter is on, I’m willing to negotiate. (It’s a cart made of 2x4s on locking casters, and it’s sturdy but not pretty.)

The galley rack is four standard galleys wide and is in excellent condition. ($125 / obo)

Both items are on the first floor of a storage unit with an easy loadout. I’ll provide what help I can, but be warned: the paper cutter is large and awkward. (The ad says it’s 300lbs crated, so it’s probably between 200 & 250. Two people can move it if they’re on the strong side.) Neither of these things is going to fit into a sedan, but they’re not huge, so a pickup or van will do. I’m not able to ship them.

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image: papercutter1.jpg


image: papercutter2.jpg


image: galleyrack1.jpg


image: galleyrack2.jpg