Typeface identifications

Dear All, I have acquired some types a while ago which I don’t know what they are, could you guys help me with the identifications? Thanks a lot!!

1) is D the bold version of C?
2) what is the typeface of C and D?
3) are B1 and B2 the same typeface?
4) Are B1 and B2 Times?

image: c.PNG


image: d.PNG


image: b1.PNG


image: b2.PNG


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Hallo Bleischatz, it would be easier to identify the face once you’ve got it printed, but to me it looks like a Garamond, with B1 and B2 the roman and the other two the bold version. Probably the Stempel Garamond. Are you by any chance based in Germany? Pull a proof, scan it and send it again. And, next time, please don’t turn your photographs around…

Thanks! Will try once I got the press set up. Ahh the type cases are all put upside down so I rotated the pictures ;-P I’m based in Switzerland.

yep, that’s normal, you always look at type (and set it) the other way round, with the nick facing away from you…