Chicago - 8x12 Chandler & Price Letterpress

Hello. For 5 years I thought I would be able to make something out of my 8x12 letterpress. I found her in a Detroit printing warehouse full of vintage/antique printers. I had so many dreams for her - the printing warehouse was in the heart of Detroit on a street named St. Jean - I named her after that street. “Lady Saint Jean”. She was delivered to me in Chicago 5 years ago and we kept her warm at a friend’s garage for the next couple years.

1 year ago I moved into a warehouse in the hopes a professional printer could foster her (I was already contemplating if I should let her go or not but I was hesitant because my heart still belonged to her) - this was when I was juggling another business. I had a great foster parent that started to clean her up and take care of her but he started a full time job and did not have time to bring her up to par.

Fast forward - we were in this warehouse for almost 1 year to find out the landlord mislead us into signing the lease - we had dreams to run it as a coop, run workshops and some sales - apparently inspectors came out and shut us down (everything was ‘okayed’ as the landlord prior to us signing the lease) - apparently it was all a lie and the inspectors cited us a cease and desist which was followed by a hearing ….we had no idea about zoning - relied on the landlord and is now suffering from this. Now that we are 95% out of the warehouse of most of our goods, Lady Saint Jean is still there waiting for a kind, professional artist to find a great home for her. I befriended another tenant of the warehouse to ‘claim’ her for now so the landlord won’t ask any questions. I have been posting in the forums for any potential printers that would like to adopt/buy her> I am also open to suggestions - perhaps share a space (as I run a separate business), maybe start a coop or membership studio where there is a monthly or annual fee. She needs new rollers and a little maintenance and I thought $1200 would be affordable but if there is a group in Chicago that would be willing to pitch in and finally have her use her skills, I will be very happy. Contact me for more details. I only have 1 image of her at the moment but I am willing to meet up to show her in person. Thank you for your time. Hoping the NEW YEAR will bring in better luck for not only us but for Lady Saint Jean.

8x12 Platen Chandler and Price Letterpress, Old Style
Automatic with counter
needs new rollers and
Located in Chicago (North Side)

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