Sale Price 28 drawers Filled With Type in 2 Wood Type Cases

I have two beautiful old wood type cases, California size. These cases have slanted tops and are full of old metal type, cursive, sans serif, all different fonts, mostly 6 - 12 pt with some up to 30pt.

They are in excellent condition and are located in the New York area. I am selling them in conjunction with a large studio, warehouse sale in Long Island City and also have a lot of vintage funiture and display and old factory furniture.

Units measure:
25.5” deep
36” wide
42.5” high to desk
54.5” high to top

12 all filled with type
16 - all filled with type

$500.00 for both cases & type

Must be sold by Tues Feb 9 & picked up by Fri Feb 12

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image: IMG_8651.JPG


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photo 1.JPG

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