Monotype key board and caster air supply ?

A question to you monotype people out there. I know that only 15 lbs pressure is needed ? to run the key board and caster but what size of tank is required ?
would be pleased if some one could let me know.

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Frank, little bit of an *X* factor question, but basically for One Caster One keyboard, you should aim at 200 litres capacity tank, but more important as Monotype would have specified, and supplied?? the set up should and did involve:- UPRIGHT UNIT, i.e. for small to medium installation, the Air Tank at around 200 litres was contained in a secondary outer Galvanised Tank with a (normally) lead pipe coil around the Tank proper, supplied with and completely immersed in water from the mains and flowing to waste OR a cooling unit to recirculate.*****

***** The reason for this was the Smallest Instalation driven from and by a 5 C.F.M. (five cubic feet per minute) Monotype air compressor although it was set to blow off at only 20-30 P.S.I. the 200+ litre tank built up a lot of heat at the fittings and induced masses of condensation which was in most part nullified by the cooling coil, before it (condensation) ended up in the Filter Block in the base of the keyboard and under the Air Pins on the Caster.
At the end of every shift, it was standard practice to BLOW OFF the oily sludge from the bottom of the receiver

Monotype (normally according to plant size) supplied 3 sizes of Compressor/Air Reicver,s —5 C.F.M, 2-3 M/c,s —10 C.F.M up to 5 M/c,s — 15 C.F.M. 6/7/8/ M/c,s all approx figs
but in each case, Horizontally opposed Twin Cylinder, and with oil sump + dipstick, and oil pump feed, under glass inspection panel, and drip feed lubrication, hence the *Blowing Off*, above
You can of course use any compressor with as little as 50-100 litre,s capacity tank, but some fairly sophisticated Water Trap and filter system should be a MUST.???

You are more than welcome to contact me via B.P. and I would be happy to talk you through the means and methods to bring your Keyboard and Caster up to the point where they will work of as little as 11-12 Lbs. pressure , especially helpful if you are still using conventional 31 Chanel spool paper, = when you are obliged to go above 15 P.S.I. to bring the Air Pins up on the Caster it (the Air) leeches through the C***, spool paper and causes more problems.

Good Luck Mick

Afterthought, in the base of the keyboard and accessed through the inspection door at the rear, (assuming the K/board is in ex factory form) there is a small brass drain cock, plus if you are still Keying conventional spools and cleansing the Machine with the perforations via the normal mini Vacuum device. (on the K/Board) look carefully and see if there are any, tell tale, droplets of water/ condensation mixed in with the perfs.! implies that it has not been blown off on a regular basis, ALSO gives a clue as to the state of the filter system in the Keyboard,
The in-built (but hidden) FELT FILTERS are retained with fine mesh Brass Gauze, (about 6 point square) screen, which are retained by steel frames and steel screws.!!!

If the Draining down/Blowing off has been neglected, the Brass Gauze and the steel retainers eventually deteriorate and end up Under and In the minute pistons, in the base.