Hamilton Type Case | solid oak & includes lead type

I’m sad to be selling my beautiful Hamilton Type Cabinet. While it is an antique it’s in good shape loaded with plenty of lead type in various sizes and is the perfect work table height for setting type and locking up a chase. Would love to unload ASAP.

40 Drawer Cabinet (71 3/4” W x 44 1/2” H x 22 3/4” D) with 29 full to partial sets of type.

Type sets labelled as:

10 point wedding text
12 point wedding text
18 point wedding text
24 point wedding text
18 point kaufmann bold
24 point kaufmann bold
30 point kaufmann bold
36 point kaufmann bold
18 point bodoni bold italic
36 p corvinus
18 point eden bold
24 point baskerville/12 point san serif cond med
caps (sorts)
“30” 20th century bold (condensed)
30 point 20th century bold condensed
30 point 20th century black
24 point 20th century black
24 point 20th century black cond.
30 point corvinus/18 t.c. bold (cond)
8 point century schoolbook
4 unlabelled fonts

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