Vandercook SP-15

I recently became the owner of a Vandercook SP-15. I honestly do not know anything about this press. I am wanting to get rid of it and want to know the best way to sell them item. Thank you in advance.

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You can post a “for sale” on this website

You can contact Paul Moxon - surely he has a list of those in the hunt for this press - Fritz at NA Graphics probably does as well - I think either of these guys will be most helpful with the details of making a good sale

You can sell on ebay

There will be lots of demand unless you ask way too much for it

Thank you. Do you know how I would contact them? I honestly don’t even know the value so the price is negotiable. I just want it gone and out of my garage honestly.

Fritz is (970) 387-0212 - he’s on mountain time

Paul is [email protected] - he’s in Alabama

both have a web sites ( and

Price is typically dependent on condition and location. It is, to say the least, a very popular press.

Where are you located?

Where are you located? I have been looking for one of these presses.

You can contact Michelle through the link on her “About” page on Briar. The SN on this press is 26172, shipped 8/5/66, and she can provide photos of the press. Both Paul and I have talked to her. The press is in Louisville, Kentucky.

Actually I am in Nashville, TN not Louisville, KY.

Howdy. I am visiting Nashville in a few weeks, Have you sold the press ma’am?