LETTERPRESS type and accessories.

SOLD. A selection of letterpress equipment including: 2 setting sticks; 1 galley; Cornerstone quoins; Cornerstone furniture; Notting furniture; type gauge; tray of leading material of various sizes; Bodoni and other fancy dashes; small quantity of blocks; 1 full-size case of 36 pt. Gothic Bold type; 3 smaller cases containing 8 pt Times Bold, 8 pt. Times; 8 pt. Univers Bold font, not in a case; stars and squares suitable for borders; 8 pt. fractions.
I am looking for around $250.00 for the lot. See also my previous ad. for the Sterling table top machine.

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image: type 1.jpg

type 1.jpg

image: type 2.jpg

type 2.jpg

image: type 3.jpg

type 3.jpg

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type 4.jpg