Gridded base for Proof Press (in Holland)

I have 2 gridded bases which were custom-made in the US (similar to the Boxcar base) for use with photopolymer plates.

The bases are exactly 23.56mm high and which I used with the Boxcar 94FL plates on an Asbern AD-1 Proof Press - however, I believe that the bases would be appropriate for other proof presses, especially if you can adjust your roller heigh as I was able to on mine.

The base is made in 2 smaller pieces (6”x13” and 12”x13”) to fit the bed. This cost me 425USD. They are in great condition.

I had them made in the U.S. and brought them back to use in Europe but unfortunately I moved and had to sell my Press and other accessories and therefore sadly have no use for them anymore. I posted an advertisement for them on Drukwerk in the Marge but had little interest.

If anyone is located in Europe and/or knows somewhere near the Netherlands that might be interested, please be in touch. It would be a shame for them to go unused. Many thanks!

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image: Gridded Base.jpg

Gridded Base.jpg