Beautiful Colt’s Armory Platen Press Available

Alas, the time has come to part with a beautiful Colt’s Armory platen press from the Five Roses Press, originally acquired from Peter Koch and still in its original protective shipping. As you probably know if you’re reading this posting, the Colt’s Armory was the finest platen press ever made, with its unique parallel impression platen. It is the mainstay of many of the word’s preeminent private presses, and a true joy to print on.

For various reasons (can we spell s-p-o-u-s-e?) I am required to deaccession this lovely piece of equipment asap, so although its market value is probably north of $5,000 I will (without too many regrets [sniffle]) give it to the first legitimate printer who can show me that he or she will really use it and care for it.

The press is currently in storage in Bethel, CT in a professional warehouse, and once I transfer title to you, you are welcome to leave it in situ for as long as you’re prepared to pay for storage, otherwise you can arrange with Mariano Brothers (the best printing equipment movers in the East) to deliver it to you wherever you’d like it (at your cost, of course).

So, here’s a stunning opportunity for a deserving printer to get his or her hands on a stunning press [sound of tear gently rolling down a cheek…]

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