Ultra-Rare “Buster Brown” Type

The font of Buster Brown type recently discussed elsewhere on Briar will be put up for sale in the APA St. Louis Wayzgoose Auction on Saturday, June 25. If you will not be in attendance, you may email me your proxy bid and I will be glad to handle it for you. Can ship securely anywhere in the US for $6.80.

The type is 12 point and weighs in at 3¾ lbs. There are 45 characters (oddly, the exclamation point does not seem to have been cut for this face). Scheme is a plentiful 45A and while it has the patina of age, most of the type appears never to have been inked.

Below is a photo reduced in size to fit. (Upon request the full hi-res pic will be sent for closer examination.) Any bids must be in before my departure on Sunday, June 19 for St. Louis, as I do not receive email when traveling.

Sky Shipley

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image: Buster Brown

Buster Brown