Vandercook #4 Proof Press - $12000

Vandercook #4 Proof Press for sale.
Price: $12,000

Up for sale is our beloved Vandercook #4. It is hard to say goodbye to this great press, but big life changes and a shift in our creative setup means it is time to find a new home. We have owned this press for over 10 years, having purchased it from Pacific NW College of Art in Portland, OR in ‘06. It has been an integral part of our shop since.

I have given this press a lot of love, and cared well for it over the years. We have run hundreds of jobs on it over the past decade, and it has been very reliable. Its great for stationery, greeting cards, and also posters and broadsides. Excellent for projects with wood type or lino cuts. Plus it’s very user friendly, making it perfect for classes or workshops as well.

The footprint lets it fit into a variety of spaces, and is a real joy to use. Standard 110 plug hooks into any typical household outlet.

We would love to see this press go to a good home, so that it is cared for and utilized for decades to come. It is currently in our studio in San Anselmo, CA and can be viewed by appointment. We are happy to provide tips or a demonstration if need be.

Moving costs and arrangements will be the buyers responsibility, however we are happy to recommend local movers that we have used before. We are selling our Windmill, and moving a press that was on loan to us as well, and we could attempt to move them all with the same movers on the same day for some savings to everyone.

Here are the basic stats:

Model: Vandercook #4
Year: 1951
Serial #: 15018
length: 6’ 5”
width: 2’ 2” (2’ 10” with the crank handle)
Power: standard 110 volt plug (running a1/4 HP motor)
Weight: 1100 lbs

It comes with the “handy lock up bar”, 2 quoines and a quoine key, two well used PatMag magnetic bases for polymer plates, and extra tympan paper/packing.

Minor details to note: the form rollers probably ought to be replaced sooner than later. Still prints fairly well, but the rollers are at least 15 years old. Minor wear on the top of the bed rails which has had no noticable affect on the performance . Worm gear within the oscillating roller has the typical wear on it that you see on vandercooks, but also has not created any functional hazards for me over the years.

Cosmetic details to note: The switch plate on the front was missing originally, so i made a makeshift one that has worked out just fine, but its not the real one (purely cosmetic). There is a crease in the feedboard where someone must have leaned too hard on it in years past. It has never caused any functional problems for me whatsoever, but worth noting. Also one of the drawer handles is not original, but works just fine, cause you know….it’s a drawer handle.

Overall this is a nice, smooth running, reliably complete Vandercook.

more detailed specifications on this model can be found here:

thank you

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