Golding Official 5x7.5

I’ve finally come to the decision to let my press go. It’s a lovely little Golding Official (tabletop) press, in excellent shape, having been refurbished last year. I bought it hoping to get into letterpress, but life events have intervened, and I’ve never even taken it out of its packaging! New rollers, composing stick, quoin key, gauge pins, an assortment of spacing, two sets of new type (9pt and12pt), three small cans of ink, packing, etc, all included.
The 5x7.5 is a great size for business cards, stationery, and greeting cards, portable, classic-looking, and easy to use. Start printing immediately- press is complete and ready to go. Pickup preferred, or buyer arranges shipping. $2000, negotiable. Contact me for more pics or info.

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