Kelsey 5x8 U

Works great, would be ideal for a beginner. While I would love to keep this, space and free time are not on my side.

Kelsey U 5 x 8 - Restored by T&T Press Restoration.
Rubber rollers with trucks - In very good condition with plenty of life left in them.

Also included:
(1) Chase
Chase bars
3.5” x 6.5” deep relief Boxcar Base
Gripper bar & grippers
Composing stick
Metal printer’s line gauge
2 sheets of pressboard
Assortment of packing
Assortment of reglets and furniture
Wash up brush
3 wedge quoins & key
2 gauge pins with extension feeders
Ink knife
Kelsey manual

Asking $1200.

Pick up only please.
Located in Tustin, CA (Orange County)

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