Printmaking Technique Books / Other Art Technique Books

Dispersing my library of technical printmaking books. All are in very good condition (no inky thumb prints and the like) and well cared for. Shipping and handling is NOT included in the prices marked - please contact me for the total cost of the book. I will ship USPS Priority.

Please click on the More details link immediately below for a partial list. Email me for a full list.

List of Printmaking Technique as well as other related books Lumsden, Ernest. The Art of Etching. New York: Dover Publications, 1962. $3.00 Buckland, Wright and John Buckland-Wright. Etching and Engraving. Mineola: Dover, 1973. $5.00 Biegeleisen, J. The Complete Book of Silk Screen Printing Production. New York: Dover Publications, 1963. - $2.00 Wax, Carol. Mezzotint. City: Harry N Abrams, 1996. $25.00 Salter, Rebecca. Japanese Woodblock Printing. London: A & C Black, 2001. $18.00 Ross, John The Complete Printmaker. New York: Free Press, 1990. - $16.00 Logan, David. Mat, Mount, and Frame It Yourself. New York: Watson-Guptill Publications, 2002. - $12.00 Saff, Donald and Deli Sacilotto. Printmaking. New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1978. $35.00 Hansen, T. Printmaking in America. New York: H.N. Abrams in association with Mary and Leigh Block Gallery, Northwestern University, 1995. $6.00 Arnold, Grant. Creative Lithography. New York: Dover Publications, 1941. $2.00 Hind, Arthur. An Introduction to a History of Woodcut, with a Detailed Survey of Work Done in the Fifteenth Century. New York: Dover Publications, 1963. $4.00 Arthur, Mayger. A History of Engraving and Etching from the 15th Century to the Year 1914; Being the 3d and Fully Rev. Ed. of a Short History of Engraving and Etching. New York: Dover Publications, 1963. $5.00 Peterdi, Gabor. Printmaking. New York: Macmillan Co., 1971. $7.00 Chamberlain, Walter. The Thames and Hudson Manual of Etching and Engraving. London: Thames and Hudson, 1972. $9.00 Ayres, Julia. Monotype. New York: Watson-Guptill, 2001. - $8.00 Leaf, Ruth. Etching, Engraving and Other Intaglio Printmaking Techniques. New York: Dover Publications, 1984. $7.00 Banister, Manly. Practical Guide to Etching and Other Intaglio Printmaking Techniques. Mineola: Dover, 1986. $6.00 Andrews, Oliver. Living Materials. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1988. $20.00 Young, Ronald and Robert Fennell. Methods for Modern Sculptors. San Rafael: Sculpt-Nouveau, 1981. $27.00 Crespo, Michael. Watercolor Class. New York: Watson-Guptill, 1994. $5.00 Reep, Edward. The Content of Watercolor. New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1983. $6.00 Gair, Angela. The Watercolor Painter's Solution Book. Cincinnati: North Light Books, 1991. $1.00 Betts, Edward. Master Class in Watercolor. New York: Watson-Guptill, 1975. $1.00 Campbell-Reed, Judith. Basic Watercolor Painting. Westport: North Light Publishers, 0008. $1.00 McCann, Michael. Artist Beware. City: The Lyons Press, 2001. $1.00 Grant, Daniel. How to Start and Succeed as an Artist. New York: Allworth Press, 1997. $1.00 Grant, Daniel. The Artist's Resource Handbook. New York: Allworth Press, 1997. $1.00 Dunning, William and Ben Mahmoud. Advice to Young Artists in a Postmodern Era. Syracuse: Syracuse University Press, 2000. $12.00 Grant, Daniel. The Business of Being an Artist. New York: Allworth Press, 1996. $1.00 Gage, John. Color and Meaning. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2000. $25.00 Herbert, Robert. Modern Artists on Art. Englewood Cliffs: Prentice-Hall Inc., 1964. $1.00 Birren, Faber. Creative Color. Atglen: Schiffer Pub, 1987. $3.00 Mendelowitz, Daniel M. Drawing: A Study Guide.New York: Holt, Reinhart and Winston, Inc. 1967. $2.00 Mendelowitz, Daniel. A Guide to Drawing. New York: Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 1976. $1.00 Bridgman, George. Bridgmans Life Drawing. New York: Dover Publications, 1971. $2.00

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