Rosback Pinhole Perforator

Rosback Pinhole Perforator for sale. This will make postage-stamp style holes as seen in the attached picture.


-floor model, heavy. currently on a furniture dolly that can be included with sale if desired. (shop is located at dock height)

-20” perforating width. however, the brass guide that the pins fall into is worn in some places and will need repair or replacement in order to make a full 20” perf. currently works well for smaller cards etc.

-box of pins included. more pins can be purchased from NA Graphics.

-includes one guide that can be screwed into position on the work surface.

Asking $200, machine has been relocated to my new shop and is now already skidded and ready to go at ground level.

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image: pinhole1.jpg


image: pinhole2.jpg


image: pinhole3.jpg


image: pinhole4.jpg


image: pinhole5.jpg