Hot Foil Stamping and Embossing Print Shop

Hot Foil Stamping and Embossing Print Shop 29,000.00
All IN Good Working Condition

I have it listed on craigslist as well here is the link:

Kluge 10 X 15 Press (old style) — Gold boss temperature controller — this machine is an auto-feeder with a foil draw system and a 12 X 8 1/2 drilled and tapped aluminium heat plate. (single phase — 220 volt)

10X15 Red Ball Heidelberg Platen Press - Ink/die-cut (requires 3 phase electric).

32” Guillotine Cutter - by Dexter Folder Company of Pearl River, NY — electric motor driven with flywheel (requires 3 phase electric)

Steel Top Hamilton Composting Table

TemCo phase converter — takes single and converts it to three phase

Inventory of Foil
Miscellaneous Ink and Supplies

(Everything on skids — ready to go _ pallet jack included)

I will hopefully upload a video soon showing that they all work. I also have more pictures should you need them. Please, be aware that I’m selling for a family member so it might be/take a day before I can get back with any questions. The owner has decided that printing is not the field he wishes to remain in.

YouTubeLink Showing KLUGE Working below:

Please email with any questions!


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