Pilot and Kelsey Model U

Two wonderful presses for sale; need to make a bit more room in my life. Happy to answer any questions you might have!

1. Chandler & Price Pilot 6.5x10 - Old Style
If you know these presses, you know they’re the bee’s knees, the cat’s pajamas, the absolute standard to which tabletop presses are held. Beautiful deep impression and a perfect working area. The press is in really good condition; no breaks, cracks, or welds. Everything works smoothly, but the press needs rollers and a chase (neither of which are hard to find for this popular press). This press just had a new feed table made out of some gorgeous walnut. Press will come with a bunch of extras; tympan, ink, quoins, and some furniture. The press is heavy (well over 100lbs) so it’s pickup only. I’m more than happy to carry it and load it into your vehicle for you. $2,500 obo.

2. Kelsey Model U 5x8
A beautifully restored (red and black) model U that just needs rollers to get printing. The press is perfect for short runs and is a perfect first press for those getting into letterpress. Very manageable size and weight. Comes with tympan, ink, quoins, some furniture, and a couple of cuts to get you going. $1,100 obo.

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