November 30th Letterpress Online Auction

November 30th Printing & Letterpress Equipment ONLINE Auction

First Lots Ends: Wednesday, November 30th @ 2:00 PM EST

75 LOTS OF Letterpress Equipment, Accessories & Supplies

If you have any questions please feel free to call us @ 1.888.837.8101 or E-mail:[email protected]

Letterpress lots are 58, 59, 60, and 93 to 163:

-Bidding Extensions are 5 Minutes

-All Items located in the Boggs Graphics warehouse will be skidded, banded, shrinkwrapped, and loaded at no additional charge. We have multiple loading docks, forklifts, and ground level access for smaller vehicles.

Payment Deadline is December 6th

Updated Terms: Buyers may incur an additional packaging fee for all invoices totaling under $1000 for this auction. Each individual item can be palletized on a standard pallet of $25, packaged in a card board box with packing material for $25, placed on a custom pallet for $50, or custom crated for $100. Contact Boggs Equipment for clarification.

Special Notice:
For this quantity of items lots will be staggered only 2 minute apart. Items on this auction will close quickly so please have your proxy bids in before the auction starts closing to avoid missing out.

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image: lot 58.jpg

lot 58.jpg

image: lot 93.jpg

lot 93.jpg

image: lot 102.jpg

lot 102.jpg

image: lot 113.jpg

lot 113.jpg

image: lot 127.jpg

lot 127.jpg

image: lot 129.jpg

lot 129.jpg

image: lot 131.jpg

lot 131.jpg

image: lot 137.jpg

lot 137.jpg

image: lot 142.jpg

lot 142.jpg

image: lot 151.jpg

lot 151.jpg

image: lot 157.jpg

lot 157.jpg

image: lot 163.jpg

lot 163.jpg