Marrying up some fonts, maybe you can help

Hi metal type fans

I need the following in order to make full fonts:

Bodini 10pt lc & figs
Brush Script 30pt. Missing L.C. a’s - can you believe it?
DeVinne 8pt. Extended Caps
Folio Medium Ext. Italic 10pt Caps
Franklin Gothic Condensed 10pt Caps, Figs
Goudy Cursive 18pt Caps , Figs
Kaufman Script 18pt Caps
Kaufman Script 30pt Figs.
Kaufman Script 36pt Figs.
Melior Italic 18pt UC & Figs
Modern 8pt #20 L.C.
Modern 8pt Italic #20 Caps & Figs
Perpetual Italic 18pt lc and Missing cap F
Stymie Bold 12pt Figs
Stymie Light 10pt lc & Figs
Trafton Script 18pt UC & Figs

Please send a note if you can help me. I’m also willing to send what I have to you, so you can have the full font. So it depends one which of us wants it more :)

Partial fonts are no good to anyone, I just want to keep the type in use.



Mike Moore
LetterKraft Press

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