10x15 Chandler and Price

1918 new style C&P in excellent condition.
-3 brand new Ramco rollers with new delrin trucks
-Newer 220v motor that is unbelievably quiet with adjustable speed (zero to unsafe), runs with leather belt to an original steam flixture pulley (with shifting lever).
-Has U-bend in crank shaft if you prefer to use a treadle. (I do not have a treadle for this press)
-At least two chases (99% sure there are 3)
-Platen and ink disk in excellent condition.
-Grippers included.
-1 (maybe 2… need to look) extra sets of rollers that are no longer useable but can be sent in to repurpose the cores.
-A few other random accessories, will update this listing when I dig out the box!
-Some wear of the rails typical of these presses having been used with steel trucks but the damage is outside of the form area and limited to the tops of the rails.
-Approx. 1900 lb.
-Bolted to an extremely heavy duty, custom “forever” pallet for ease of moving.
-No cracks, welds anywhere in body.
-Kept oiled regularly, maintained and free of dirt.

I am very fond of this press but it is not getting the attention it deserves in my shop. It has been used exclusively for scoring for the last 3 years and I am moving in a windmill in January. Would like for it to go to a loving home. Will consider offering printing lessons to a novice printer with gusto and pizzazz.

Entertaining reasonable offers, please email, text or call for more information and questions. Located in Ukiah, Calif.
More photos and a video at:

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