Introduction to Lego Letterpress Printing with Thea Sizemore

Go wicked old school combining everyone’s favorite plastic building blocks with the historic art of letterpress printing in this exciting new printmaking technique. Spend an afternoon getting an introduction to letterpress and alternative design techniques using Legos and leave with a stack of prints. Come play with us!
Jump into the fun and fabulous world of letterpress with an afternoon introduction to the processes while playing around with the design possibilities that unconventional materials like Legos bring to the table. This class will provide an introduction to creating one color prints using flat tile blocks to create pixel oriented images. The instructor will provide bases and tiles for use in class to create relief ‘plates’ that will be printed on a Cylinder press. Don’t miss out on this easily accessible media that appeals to everyone’s inner child.

This workshop takes place on Saturday, January 28, 2017 :: 1-5pm

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