Hammond Glider Trim -O -Saw Model # G100

I have for sale a Hammond lead type cutting saw. It is in running condition, and was used at a print shop for many years. I have no lead type for sale. I am not an expert on this machine nor do I operate a print shop.. I just acquired it with some other equipment when a local print shop closed. It was operational in that print shop when I acquired.

I am looking to get $450 for the saw you see in the photo.

If you can drive to my location and pick it up I will load on your truck for freeā€¦ If you would rather have the press shipped I can skid and crate it securely for additional $150, but you would have to pay cost of freight truck delivery.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have or request additional photos if you need.



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image: IMG_20150610_204828_225.jpg