free type and cabinets

Everyone, Here is a chance to save some type. I am offering several fonts of metal type and 4 cabinets for FREE.
I think I have 50 trays plus of type, complete sets.

Hopefully I can donate all this to a letterpress educator but everyone is invited. First come first serve. You can not argue with FREE!

I also have some wood type for sale, feel free to come and see what is available.

I do have one press to offer, its a very nice 8x12 Golding Map Press, it comes with a donor parts press and 4 chases. The inking dog broke but can easily be repaired.

Please inquire for any of the above.

I would like to find homes for everything that is available. I really need the space.

I will load up some pictures at a later time.

All the items are pick up only. And the type is FREE!

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