Challenge diamond cutter 1957

I have a 1957 challenge diamond 36” cutter for sale. It is in excellent condition and used frequently. Has no issues whatsoever. It will be available to test and see until around thur feb 2 or maybe the Monday following that weekend in cincinnati Ohio. After that I need to disassemble and move it because the building is sold. It will be moved to another property in northern KY. Anyone interested may get a little better deal if they get with me and make plans before I have to tackle the move. The less I have to do the cheaper the price. I’m waiting on a valuation now and I’m accepting offers. I will sell at a price that is fair to me as well as the buyer. Possible trade but im not a printer so I doubt for any printing items but I’m certainly willing to listen and entertain any fair offer. I also have all the original paper work and assembly and service manual. Thanks for taking the time to view this ad

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