Golding Pearl #3

It is with mixed emotions that I have decided to sell my Golding Pearl #3. I had hoped to give her a full restore but just can’t find the time and would like to see her go to someone who can give her the attention that she deserves. She came off the assembly line on March 19, 1884 and I believe that I am owner #3. She’ll need a good cleaning but you can still see the original gold pinstriping. She’ll need her rollers recovered, but as far as I know she’s fully operational. She has what I believe is the original feed table and both drawers, though at least one of the drawers may not be original. She comes with the treadle, one chase and the difficult to find ink plate. I’ve attached one photo but can provide more on request. I will not ship, this press is located in Plainfield MA (Western Mass./Berkshires) Asking $1800

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image: image.jpg