Chandler and Price Pilot

I have a lovely little C&P Pilot desktop for sale. I have a number of other presses now and this little one just doesn’t get used very often any more. It is one of the very early ones to be manufactured. It has a 6 1/2 by 10 inch chase, ideal for invitations. If you know how to print, these little presses can do some amazing high quality work. I can show samples of some of the jobs I have done on this one. If you don’t have room for an 8x12 C&P this is the next best thing.
I got it from Don Black Line casting many years ago. It has printed superbly from the time it arrived. It is heavy but it can be moved around quite easily by two people.
The rollers are in good condition and will last for a some time to come if properly cared for.
I will include a starter package including:
A boxcar deep relief base
Extra trucks
Quoins and key
Some furniture
A sort of type
Supply of Tympan
Some leading
And gauge pins
I would like to help someone load it into the back of their car or wagon but will professionally package it for shipping if required. 2900$

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image: pilot_1.jpg


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image: pilot_3.jpg