9x13 Kelsey reconditioned tabletop press

I have a completely reconditioned 9x13 Excelsior Kelsey tabletop press in perfect working order. It has two new ink rollers, two steel chases with lockup bars, new adjustable grippers and mechanism and is mounted on a wood base. Included also are tympan sheets, packing and a printer’s guide manual. There are no broken parts or welds on the press.

I have tested and adjusted the press and it prints very well.
This is the largest tabletop press Kelsey manufactured and easily prints a 8 1/2 X11 ” sheet.

Pick up in Vermont is preferable but delivery is possible up to 150 miles plus $1.25 per mile. The press weighs about 150 lbs. I can provide personal instructions on using the press. $1800

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image: image.jpeg