Golding Pearl 7X11

Golding Pearl 7”X11” for sale. $750. Very good press for beginner or hobbyist or just to have around in the pro shop.
Only about 700+ lbs. I had 2 Pearls for sale, sold one. Now I need to sell the remaining one. This Pearl is the motorized kind. Motor comes separately, but needs a switch. Also, needs rollers and a flywheel belt. Can be moved without professional help.
Loading dock in rear of the building. Not far from the New Jersey side of the Lincoln Tunnel. Buyer responsible for pick up.

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image: IMG_0051reduced size.jpg

IMG_0051reduced size.jpg

image: IMG_0049reduced size.jpg

IMG_0049reduced size.jpg

image: IMG_0052smaller size.jpg

IMG_0052smaller size.jpg