C&P 6.5 x 10 New Style Pilot Tabletop

C&P 6.5x 10 New Style Pilot Press for sale

(If you’re reading this, yes, it’s still available. I’ll remove the post when I sell it, promise.)

I bought this fully restored and refurbished from the lovely folks of T&T press restoration, and then promptly had a kid and lost all of the extra time I would have devoted to printing at home.

Chandler & Price 6.5 x 10 New Style Tabletop Letterpress Printing Press
Fully restored and refurbished by professional letterpress restorers. http://www.tandtpressrestoration.com/about.html
They track down presses, take them apart, sand blast the parts clean, repair or replace any bad parts, and then polish every single piece, and paint the press with new enamel. I still have pictures of the process. They do great work.

Press is ready to go with no repairs or equipment needed, just the usual little tweaks you’d have to do when getting to know any press in order to get your prints how you want them.

Comes with:
-Barely used new rollers
-Touch up paint
-Maintenance oils
-Chase, base, key and quoins
-Wood and metal reglets
-Wood furniture
-A piece of plywood and a sheet of glass for ink mixing

I live outside of Chicago and prefer to sell to someone who can come pick it up.
I am also selling the large, vintage industrial worktable that the press is sitting on, if you’re interested.

Brand new old press, fully restored and without the wait. $3000 obo.

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