Heidelberg Windmill Black Ball, C&P 10x15 Platen - NYC

10x15 C&P Model N, and Black Ball Windmill for sale


Selling a Heidelberg 10x15 “Windmill” Platen, Black Ball.
Press is located in NYC. has a functioning fountain, good grippers, and holds register well.

Comes with:
Can include one set of used rollers/trucks/bearings with the press.
Press will come with some accessories and attachments, but did not come with any tools when purchased so will be unable to include any with the machine (will need those I purchased for next machine). You can purchase most of the relevant spanners and tools easily at most hardware stores.

I’ve done some very tight, dead on register work with this machine at high speeds. It inks well, impression is good, and the feeding system positions accurately.

If you require a demonstration of the machine, I am happy to engage in one as I leave it set up to feed stock for people who are curious when they visit the shop.

(The blackball windmill looks like just about every blackball you have seen. I could practically steal pics from Ebay and you’d have seen my press. It has everything it needs to print but does not come with any tools. Happy to have you see the press running in person.)


Also for sale:

Chandler & Price 10x15, Model “N”- with fountain and 3 rollers in printing condition. An excellent press. Has been used by myself and other printers with satisfaction for 8 years since I purchased it from the family of a printer who passed away in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

Very nice machine- platen is in good shape though has some nicks; only repair was to one of the ink rails, however it was professionally brazed back together and functions just as intended/very well. Solid inking on this press, really good machine.

Press is motorized- has impression throw off, brake, and machine also has a Variable speed drive which allows it to be used at very, very slow cycle speeds. It is really, really nice to use when hand feeding fussy stocks.

https://www.instagram.com/p/BSt3AFaBHqz/ - Model N pics.

Make a Commensurate offer.


Selling because I would like the space to engage a different piece of equipment; I will be sad to see them go but happy to have the footprints.

OBO means OBO. Feel free to inspect them in person before offering. With the windmill, I can show you exactly what is included as well.

If you’re local to NYC or can pickup, you also get preference.
I will ship ultimately if I have to, but would really prefer NOT to, so pickup would be best.
I have a forklift on site capable of lifting either machine to dock height for a truck pickup (for example, a u-haul or ryder), and have a palette jack which can be used to move the machines into the truck. Beyond these two tools, moving the machines would be your responsibility, and I make no warranties about the skids they are on or guarantees about how to best assure safe transport- I’m essentially offering to curb the machines for you or get them onto your transport.

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