Vandercook Proof Press, Galley Cabinet, Hamilton Cabinet

Three letterpress items up for sale including a metal Hamilton type cabinet, a Vandercook office-series press, and a galley cabinet. Happy to sell individually or together. All items are at ground level and cannot be delivered.

Hamilton Cabinet - 1,200 OBO
Steel Hamilton cabinet with 14 or so drawers. Also found Hamilton wood inserts for the top drawers.

Galley Cabinet - 200 OBO
Foster galley cabinet, includes galley trays.

Vandercook 03 Office Proof Press - 3,500
“Office Series” proofing press by Vandercook. Maximum form: 25¼ × 34″; maximum sheet: 25¾ × 42″. Bed is galley height, requiring a bed plate to bring it to type high.

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