Hacker Hand Press

Selling an exceedingly heavy and rare Hacker Hand Press, in rough shape. So far I’ve only found a dozen or so known survivors of this model hand press (sorry, but I can’t locate the serial number). It appears to be all there, but it needs a complete restoration.

I looked into the possibility of restoring it on behalf of a new Letterpress Shop/School in VA, but that deal eventually fell through. However, I did manage to find a local powder-coating business with the capacity to put a complete Hacker Hand Press into a furnace (on train tracks) and then “cook” the old paint, ink, dirt, rust and grime completely off of it! As for damaging the press, I was assured that would not be a concern when the owner proudly showed me a Coors Lite Beer can that had the paint stripped completely off of it in his furnace, right down to the bare metal, yet the thin aluminum can still retained it’s original shape without any buckling or deformities whatsoever. Apparently, after the cooking process is over, disassembly becomes a breeze, then a very light media blasting makes a casting and all of the machined steel parts look virtually new again … and ready for powder-coating, painting or re-surface machining.

I’m willing to sell this press either with or without delivery. We have both USDOT and MC Authority and a 14’ box truck.

Price: $1,550.00 + $1.75 Mile LTL Standard service (we can load, shipper must unload off truck)

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image: Hacker Hand Press

Hacker Hand Press

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