Letterpress Equipment

I still have several letterpress items available.

You can see larger photos at:

Reglet Cabinet and Reglets:
10 pica - 52 Pica lengths

Pneumatic Heat Stamper:
Was used in a pharmaceutical company for making small-run packages.
4”x7” heating area
Thermostat control
Requires a small compressor
$200.00 OBO

18x24 Manual Paper Cutter:

California Wash Just under 5 gallons:

Box of Misc. Furniture $25.00

Speed Quoin Key $25.00

Composing Stick: $25.00

Speed Quoins a few small sizes left: $15.00 ea

Wedge Quoin Key (3) $5.00 ea

Challenge Wedge Quoins (4 sets) $20.00

Several uncut rules. Different point weights: $15.00 for about 25lbs

Other studio stuff such as wood type, storage cabinets, lockers, etc.

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