Kelsey Excelsior Mercury 6x10 Table Top Letterpress

Kelsey Excelsior Mercury 6x10 Table Top Letterpress

Victor Arm (side lever)

Feedboard and Chase are included, just not pictured.

According to the serial number (pictured), this press was made in March 1977.

The press has been mostly restored, with the exception of the feed board which functions perfectly fine, but isn’t cosmetically flawless. I purchased it in 2012 in the same restored condition. It prints great, but I got a bigger press so need to make room.

Rollers were purchased in 2013 and have only been used a handful of times.

The press is bolted to a solid wood card on wheels. It can be removed but the cart is included if you want it.

Will not be shipping this press, local pick up only. Covington, Washington

Asking $2000

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