Proof Presses

Sending out feelers for a proof press or two somewhere on the eastern side of the country. I’m looking for two different presses, each for a different situation:

[Press has been found!] Situation 1: Looking for a proof press (ideally 12x18 print area or larger) for use in a high school classroom environment. Our workspace is strange, so it would need to be somewhat movable (either light enough to move occasionally, or something that could be housed on a cart). Would like this one to be ready-to-go, no work needed, easy to register, capable of good quality prints. [Press has been found!]

Situation 2: I am also looking for a small/medium proof press for home use. I have a 8x12 C&P in the garage, but my typesetting area is in the house. I would love to be able to do proofs and very short runs in the house to eliminate excessive running back and forth. Size doesn’t really matter. This could be a press that needs a little bit of work or fiddling (subtext: budget-conscious for this one).

I have the summer off as a teacher, so I am able to take a road trip to pick up.

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