Golding Jobber no.7 (located in Europe)




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From 1903 – a beautiful hand fed platen press. It has a brand new electric motor with adjustable speed. It was originally manufactured in Boston, U.S. by William Golding.

The press is in good condition but needs a clean up. It makes beautiful letterpress prints, see images on stuff we’ve printed on the link above. The chase measures 10” x 15” (approx. 250 x 380mm). We’ve only used two ink rollers, which works perfect, because we only have four roller wheels. (We have 3 ink rollers in mint condition and extra 4 rollers in need of restoration for those who need it). Motor works for European standard, (input 200–240 V +/-10%, 50/60 Hz, see image on link above).

Press history
We found this beauty “by mistake” in an office in Södermalm, Stockholm. We bought the press from typographer Ulf, also active in the Stockholm Typographic Guild. In the 80’s he rescued the press from being metal waste … More overall information and history about the press can also be found here:

Press measurements, approx:
Width: 75 cm/30 inches
Depth: 100 cm/40 inches
Height 150 cm/ 460 inches
Weight: 650 kg/1433 lb/pounds

Note – defect parts! One roller hook is mini-slightly bent (see image), therefore we print with two rollers – which works fine too! We have all the parts for it if you wish to fix it and put it back in place. There are only 4 roller wheels, we guess that John Fahlstrom at Perennial Design most likely have extra roller wheels to sell. We have removed the brayer roller (the roller going from the ink fountain to the ink disc), we have all the parts, but the roller itself needs restoration. The brayer roller is in no way crucial for printing, it just supply the ink disc with ink if you want to fill the fountain with ink – but trust us, you will never use that amount of ink and you can add ink by yourself instead during your printing. Overall – no essential parts are missing that we are aware of. Please let us know if you have any questions about the parts.

Note – shipping is not included in the price above.
We can help with shipping. The press is already loaded onto a EUR pallet measuring 80x120cm. It is located in Stockholm, Sweden. Postal code: 12030. Ground floor warehouse, very easy access from the street. We will see to that the press is tightly strapped onto the pallet and covered in plastic for safier shipping. Note that international shipments (outside the EU) may be subjects to duties and taxes determined by your country.

Shipping price examples (1 pallet) from our supplier: Within Sweden from 850 SEK, Nordic countries from €150, Northern Europe from €200, Southern Europe from €300, Great Britain from €300.

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