Vanderook Universal I


Vandercook Universal I
Hand-crank model. Completely restored by The Arm in NYC a few years ago, and has only been used about 6 times since then. Comes with 2 rollers, lockup bar, a manual, can of spray paint for touch-ups, and a 12 x 16 boxcar base. Serial 26759. There’s also a little wooden extension we built, can come off or be included with the press.
$14,000 OBO.

Van Son Oil-Based Opaque White Ink 1lb Can - $15
Van Son Rubber-based Printing Black 2.2lb Can - $18

2 x 6-inches - $18 each
1 x 12-inches - $25
Quoin Key - $25

Easy Street tube, ½ used - $8
Tack Reducer, never used - $12

Reglet Cabinet - $50
Furniture Cabinet - $50

Prices do not include shipping. We are located in Charlotte, NC and can prep the press to be freight-shipped if needed. Let me know if you’d like any additional images or details. Thanks for looking!

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