Vandercook 219AB press

My family is moving and I need to close up shop.

So I reluctantly need to part with my best friend Laverne, my 219AB.

She is in very good shape and works beautifully. I have done many many many beautiful runs of extremely precise, complicated multiple registrations and she works like a charm. I can print on her with my eyes closed and you will too.

I invested in an 18” X 24” Boxcar base so you can print poster sized with photopolymer and stationary in multiples up on a sheet.

She will be on a custom skid ready to move. We don’t have a loading dock so a liftgate truck or similar is needed.

I am asking $12,000 firm.

This press has literally been my entire business and can be all you need for a letterpress business. It fed my family for quite some time.

I look forward to speaking with you about her,

~ Josh Bryant

Hold Fast Industries
(Formerly Metal Mermaid Press)

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