Vandercook 425

Vandercook 425 Short Run Press - a very unique press, perfect for a school or poster shop!

Do you want to print perfect posters in a flash? Do have a lot of prints to make in a short amount of time?

We purchased this press from Steve Robinson of Letterpreservation in June of 2015, and have performed lots of maintenance on it over the past two years. We most recently printed 1100 copies of a 64 page book on this press without issues. Since then our family has welcomed a new baby and our situation as changed, so the press must go!

Vandercook 425 (from Paul Moxon’s Vanderblog)
Maximum sheet: 24¾” × 27”
Power operated (1200/hour), static eliminator, “newspaper equipment” for printing stereotypes without printing the chase.
“Ideally suited for newspapers, printers and typesetters — and widely used for the printing of law and court briefs, full page newspaper proofs, advertising reprints, and telephone intercept directories.”
From Fred Williams’s article in Type & Press:
Bed: 25” × 45”
Maximum form: 24” × 24½”
Floor space: 3’2” × 9’3” Weight: 4200 lb.

This Press runs like a champ, has a newer blanket on the cylinder and comes with a complete extra set of (4) rollers (2 form rollers and 2 fountain rollers). The fountain/automatic inking system is completely intact and the 2 vibrators are both in great shape. The rollers on the press are in great shape and the delivery tapes have recently been replaced. The press is complete except for bottom cover. Also includes a custom 18” x 24” Corian base for use with modern polymer plates.

Known issues: The variable-speed belt has a flat spot from sitting for years before we bought it. Willing to negotiate or have a new belt made.

Price : $7000 or best offer. Must pick up in Newport, Kentucky.

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