C&P 8x12 New Style with Treadle

For sale is a C&P 8x12 new style with original treadle. Patent date shows 1889 and dates back to early 1900’s. This press is in great condition has been a workhorse but I’m moving soon and will no longer have space for it. Press comes with the following:

- 6 Chases
- 6x9 Boxcar Base
- 2 new rubber rollers from NA Graphics
- Delrin Trucks
- Large cabinet of Furniture
- Several Hi-Speed Quoins & Key for lockup
- Tympan Paper


Press will need to be moved by the new buyer, and is accessible for a pickup truck and utility trailer to load. Press has blocks placed on rails for a NARROW pallet truck to slide in and lift. I originally moved it with a narrow palette truck and a come-along to pull it up onto the trailer, and then used tied-downs once on the trailer. Must be experienced in moving heavy equipment.

Please email or call with any questions.

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