Vandercook 4T

Vandercook 4T Proof Press for sale
Includes: 2 Form Rollers, 1 Oscillating Roller
Price: $10,500

With a heavy heart I have to let my awesome Vandercook 4T go on to another home. It’s not being used as much as before and the sale can help fund other adventures.

I have owned this press for about 8 years, originally purchasing it from a printer in Ohio.

This press has been loved and cared for over the years. We have run hundreds of jobs on it and it has been very reliable. Its great for stationery, greeting cards, and also posters and broadsides. Excellent for projects with wood type or lino cuts. Plus it’s very user friendly, making it perfect for classes or workshops as well. The footprint lets it fit into a variety of spaces, and is a real joy to use. Standard 110 plug hooks into any typical household outlet.

Moving costs and arrangements will be the buyers responsibility.

Specs & Rollers that come with the press:
Vandercook 4T Proof Press
Serial #16685
Bed: 15” × 35”
Maximum sheet: 14¾” × 20”
Maximum form: 14” × 18”
Floor space: 2’2” × 6’6”
Weight: 1100 lb

(1) Sets of form rollers (2 total) in good, working order.
(1) Oscillating rollers
Extra tympan paper/packing.

Cosmetic details to note: Feed board is slightly bowed from last move and handles are split. Very common. Does NOT effect printing at all.

Overall this is a nice, smooth running, reliably complete Vandercook.

I have additional oscillating rollers, form rollers and several ‘spare’ parts for the 4. Please contact me for more info.

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